Matt McCormick


Matt McCormick

This is me - Feel free to say 'hi'

Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Matt McCormick and I make software – most commonly web applications.

If you’re looking for someone to write software, I can help. ┬áIn the past I have successfully done the following:

  • Creating new web applications (minus the bugs)
  • Fixing bugs and problems with existing software
  • Training people on IT systems and mentoring junior developers
  • Setting up systems to improve the project management of software teams
  • Automating boring, mindless, repetitive tasks to save you time and agony
  • Extracting important, valuable information out of large data sets
  • Interviewing and assessing skills of other developers
Mainly, I do all the behind-the-scenes stuff to make web apps work. Check out my portfolio.


Matt possesses one of those qualities that is critical in a talented system engineer — the ability to think through a problem on his own. Many recommendations for programmers say “great to work with” or “gets things done on time,” but very few talk about initiative and the ability to work through a solution on their own. Matt is a talented engineer who I trust to develop a solid and extensible solution with only broad strokes as guidance. His talent at not only at programming, but also problem solving, has saved me countless hours of micro-management because I can trust him to take an idea and run with it — accomplishing a complete and tested solution that continually exceeds my expectations. I would hire Matt again in a heart-beat.

- Keith Perhac,

Matt has a passion for technology and for learning. He uses his abundant skills and experience to conceive creative solutions for all types of projects. Matt looks at problems as opportunities to be solved and enjoys seeing his solutions help others. Matt is extremely intelligent while remaining humble and easy to work with. He mentors junior members in a kind but authoritative way. Any team would be fortunate to have Matt!

- Jamey Davis, Technical Lead, Bulldog Marketing